Ring Light Photo Gallery – Phoenix Comicon 2016

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Ring Light Photo Gallery – Phoenix Comicon 2016IMG_2294

This weekend at Phoenix Comicon I had come along with the idea of the Cosplayers and their Day Jobs project, which turned out to be a blast! Meanwhile one of our photographers, and a good
friend of mine, Deegan Marie of Deegan Marie Photography had a brilliant idea of her own. She wanted to bring along a ring light to help capture the true beauty of cosplay and the person behind the costume.┬áBecause she is around 5’4 and 120lbs and I am 5’6 and 230lbs, I volunteered to help haul her gear from one place to another for a majority of the weekend. Despite having no true idea on how the project was going to go, I placed my full trust in her as I always did.

Deegan first joined Geek Lyfe back in late 2015 but didn’t actually cover a convention until Amazing Arizona Comicon in 2016. My very first interaction with her was her dressed in head to toe in a Deadpool costume, armed with a giant camera that dwarfed the outdated DSLR I had borrowed from my room mate for the weekend. She was excited to not only meet me but also to run around the convention to begin helping out. I introduced her to a few cosplay friends and while they were delighted to meet her, she fell in love with them and vowed that she would make them her friend. I laughed at her comment until she legitimately continued hanging out with them and put on her charm until they loved her back.

IMG_2281After getting to meet her and see her work I knew that she was nothing short of fucking amazing at her craft and as a person. So hauling around gear was such a small price to pay for being able to assist in whatever way I could in a no doubt fantastic project. When she decided it was time to shoot, she cleared an area, set up her gear and had friends rally cosplayers to come to her in droves to have their picture taken with the ring light. Sure enough, they did in fact come in hordes.


Deegan puts every fiber of her being in being the best photographer she can be and her work seriously shows that passion. Admittedly, working with her for these past few months has been inspiring and has caused me to step up my game to keep up with her awesome! I know that if I stand still for even a second that she’ll skyrocket to incredible things and I’m too competitive to let that happen! I highly recommend you check out her Facebook page to follow and give her all the love! We’ll be at Anime Expo and various other conventions in Arizona this year so expect to see other fantastic projects!

Cover Photo – Cosplayer – Gabi Walrod

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