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MCM London Comic Con Review 2016

London’s MCM Comic Con is by far of the UK’s biggest comic cons, attracting cosplayers and fans from all around. This was my third time visiting the Excel centre for the con and the first time going on a Friday. I have to say, as with most cons with a three day weekend, visiting on a Friday will usually mean a few things. 1) It’s usually less crowded so cosplayers tend to where t...[Read More]

Fan Fest 2016 Review

As most folks know in Arizona, Phoenix Comicon is by far the greatest comic book convention every year. It made many con goers sad when it’s time came and went then we had nothing but 12 long months to wait before the next event. However, when Fan Fest rolled out a few years ago, this changed! It was originally held in the harsh Arizona winter where geeks would travel through clear roads, su...[Read More]

Feature: Keen Halloween

Feature: Keen Halloween Ahhhh Halloween, it’s without a doubt my favorite event of the year. Most of the time when I walk down the streets with my Luchador mask, I get nothing but odd looks and comments. However, on Halloween it’s welcomed with open arms! You can understand my excitement for Keen Halloween held by the folks who give us Phoenix Comicon and Fan Fest! One of the best aspe...[Read More]

Review: Alcon

Review: Alcon Hey friends! The Geek Lyfe got the chance to attend Alcon 2016, their 10th anniversary and we wanted to give our thoughts on this awesome event! For any of our US readers, Alcon is AnimeLeague Convention which takes place every year in the UK. The convention lasted four days and we actually had a writer attend, she said she had an absolute blast! These were her thoughts! Staff The cr...[Read More]

Review: Saboten 2016

Last year I got to attend Saboten for the first time ever. Prior to that convention, I had heard wonderful tales about how much fun everyone always had and when I went myself, the stories rang true! You can read last year’s review of Saboten here! While I did have a great time, my biggest complaints were in regards to food and vendor hall size. Had they fixed just one of those two issues eve...[Read More]

Review: Game On Expo 2016

Review: Game On Expo 2016 Game On Expo held in the Mesa, Arizona Convention Center is one of my all time favorite conventions in the valley. While it may not be the largest convention in our sunny state, it has charm with it’s focus on all things video games which is a great break up from the typical comic book and anime conventions. Last year we had the chance to go to it’s first ever...[Read More]

London Anime and Gaming Con Review 2016

London Anime and Gaming Con Review 2016 When I first saw this Con being advertised on my Facebook page, I was a little hesitant as to whether I should apply. First and foremost I want to cover as many Cons in the UK as I can for The Geek Lyfe, however, those who live in the south of England will know the absolute horror that is Southern Rail at the moment and will also know they don’t charge...[Read More]

Review: Anime Expo 2016

Review: Anime Expo 2016 For so long I looked on with with envy as friends flocked every summer to the exotic and foreign lands of California for Anime Expo, the nation’s most prominent Anime convention. As we, The Geek Lyfe, grows we are getting accepted to various convention as press which makes traveling easier. This year I promised myself that hell or high water I would go to Anime Expo a...[Read More]

Review: Phoenix Comicon 2016

Review: Phoenix Comicon 2016 For convention goers in Arizona, we know that Phoenix Comicon is the big daddy of geeky events in our state. Every year we all look forward to the big headliners, cosplay debuts, new products sold by vendors, panels, and so much more! 2016 was hyped up like any past Comicon, however it did face it’s own series of challenges with record breaking heat and no major ...[Read More]

Review: Dev Con 2016

Review: Dev Con 2016 Dev Con is a convention ran by none other than Asu West itself, the convention is held on the campus of the ASU West by the Anime Club. The main attraction to this convention is that it’s completely free. Doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’d like to do. It’s going to be free. Granted, food and the merch sold by vendors will have a price tag but ...[Read More]

Sakura Con 2016!

Sakura Con 2016! Hey everyone! This year Sassy Goblin and I attended Sakura Con, Washington’s largest anime convention, as media peeps!! YAY!!! This was the first Sakura Con we had attended since 2012 and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would there still be concerts and fashion shows? Would there be enough sexy anime pillows for everyone? Would anime be real yet like we had been pr...[Read More]

Review: Wondercon 2016

Review: Wondercon 2016 2016 was the first time I got to go to WonderCon located in Los Angeles at the convention center. Originally, I had not planned on going because I thought I would never in a million years get a press pass for such a large convention. with only a couple weeks before the event, I received the email that we had been approved and I spent almost ever bit of money I had to fly ove...[Read More]

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