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I hope you are all doing well! My name is DeAngelo Murillo and I am the owner and creator of The Geek Lyfe. In 2012 I started this brand with the sole purpose of helping support our geeky community. I have been blessed with the chance to work with fantastic people and help those in need from organizing Dungeons & Dragons charity events to help Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Networking and ...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe is Thankful – 2018 Edition!

It’s the oddest of experiences to feel both that this year has flown by, yet also felt as though it would never pass. As a brand, we had our share of fantastic moments and just as many difficult ones as well. Despite it all, we now stand tall with settled dust as we plan for great times and even bigger projects for 2019! Before we make plans, budget, market, network and more I wanted to take...[Read More]

Ways to Combat Toxicity in Our Cosplay Community

Every morning, I start my day perusing the many social media outlets filled with excitement and anticipation of what wonderful cosplayers have to share with the world that day. Unfortunately, lately, I’ve been greeted by something else: hate and discord in the cosplay community. It’s disgusting, saddening and it’s getting harder and harder to scroll past and ignore. You might be thinking, “Hey, wh...[Read More]

Community: Horror games to get spooped by

Community: 5 Horror games to get spooped by I have a love hate relationship with Horror games, the act of being scared is uncomfortable and I feel as though it is a natural instinct to fight to maintain your comfortable state. However I, like many, get such a thrill from having a grotesque villain hunt you down until you scream and cry for mercy before laughing at how silly you felt afterwards. Wh...[Read More]

PSA: Some Cosplayers/Vendors Feel Vulnerable At Upcoming Phoenix Comicon

PSA: Some Cosplayers/Vendors Feel Vulnerable At Upcoming Phoenix Comicon To begin I want to say that I love and adore Phoenix Comicon. Their event blew my mind when I went my first time in 2012 and was one of the major factors in me starting The Geek Lyfe. I know just how hard everyone works because I have friends who work as staff for Phoenix Comicon and don’t want to miscommunicate my feel...[Read More]

Let’s Talk Cosplay & Sexuality

Let’s Talk Cosplay & Sexuality Cosplay or Costume Play has grown into a huge part of geek culture over the past decade, I think all of us can agree on this. For those of you who might be new to cosplay, it involves people who create and wear costumes of their favorite fandoms usually during conventions. If you enjoy Batman then you dress up as Batman. If you enjoy Cowboy Bebop, then you ...[Read More]

Jessica Nigri Talks About Double Standards

Jessica Nigri Talks About Double Standards If you know of cosplay then it’s likely that you know of Jessica Nigri whether it’s by name or body. I’ve written articles about Miss Nigri in the past, so it’s safe to safe I have opinions about her, most of which are positive. For those of you who are unfamiliar, she is the queen of cosplay. Cosplay has been around long before he...[Read More]

Being A Minority In The Geek World

  Being A Minority In The Geek World This is a touchy subject, there is no doubt in my mind about that.  But it is one that needs to be addressed. Being a minority in the geek world can be rough and a bit discouraging. Ever since I can remember, I have been a geek. I loved Power Rangers, Super hero movies, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Gi Oh, WWF, video games, and so many more things. I believ...[Read More]

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