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Review: Dev Con 2016

Review: Dev Con 2016 Dev Con is a convention ran by none other than Asu West itself, the convention is held on the campus of the ASU West by the Anime Club. The main attraction to this convention is that it’s completely free. Doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’d like to do. It’s going to be free. Granted, food and the merch sold by vendors will have a price tag but ...[Read More]

Review: Wondercon 2016

Review: Wondercon 2016 2016 was the first time I got to go to WonderCon located in Los Angeles at the convention center. Originally, I had not planned on going because I thought I would never in a million years get a press pass for such a large convention. with only a couple weeks before the event, I received the email that we had been approved and I spent almost ever bit of money I had to fly ove...[Read More]

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention Review

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention Review The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention takes place every March at Heritage Hall in Lexington, KY. This year’s convention just ended on the 13th, and just like every year before, the organizers have really stepped up their game. Every year, this convention gets bigger and better. Not only offering a massive amount of vendors and content, but bringin...[Read More]

Review: Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Amazing Arizona Comic Con was this past weekend, February 12-14, 2016 and took place in Phoenix Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center. Although I had never previously attended, I had heard a great deal of my friend’s opinions on the medium sized convention, both great and some off putting. The moment they released the press application I jumped on the chance to snag badges and off I went!...[Read More]

Advice to Cosplayers From A Cosplay Interviewer

Advice to Cosplayers From A Cosplay Interviewer Hey friends! My name is Darth Mexican/DeAngelo, I started The Geek Lyfe in 2013 as a way to express my opinions and help other geeks with product reviews and entertainment. One of my main passions is cosplay, I  have the talent of a pebble so needless to say I appreciate the art of cosplay far more than actually participating. I followed various big ...[Read More]

Review: Taiyou Con 2016

Review: Taiyou Con 2016 Last year I made a pledge to visit as many geeky conventions Arizona had to offer and that is exactly what I did! It was fun, expensive, inspiring, and all around a great time. Unfortunately, I made that vow after Phoenix Comicon, so there was an entire half a year of conventions I missed! Taiyou Con was one of these conventions and so I was excited to attend! Here is my re...[Read More]

The Comicon Hustle

The Comicon Hustle Earlier this year I made a promise to myself that I would take able bodies and travel Arizona for as many geeky convention we could find. Sure enough we gathered our photographers, writers, backups and charged every convention we could find! When I started my conquest I was but a humble geek with an indie blog who was far too shy to approach most vendors and cosplayers for inter...[Read More]

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Review

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015 Every year geeks around the valley (and even further) look forward to the spectacular event of Phoenix Comicon. While a one year wait is no comparison to twelve years in Azkaban, it can sometimes feel like it. That’s where Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest comes in. Held in December, this convention gives nerds the appropriate fandom fix to get by until the summer event....[Read More]

Review: Comic And Media Expo 2015

Review: Comic And Media Expo 2015 When I found I was going to cover the Comic and Media Expo, I was extremely thrilled. As far as I know, Comic and Media Expo was available to con goers last year and this year but no information was provided by when it was founded, nevertheless I could not wait to attend! For those of you who might not be familiar with Comic and Media Expo, it is a yearly expo tha...[Read More]

Adventures at Rose City Comic Con!

Hi everyone! The Sassy Goblin and I recently embarked on a quick two day road trip to San Francisco from our home base of Washington. Luckily on the way there we were able to make a FANTASTIC stop at Portland, Oregon’s 4th annual Rose City Comic Con. We had never attended RCCC so it was exciting to see what it would be like! We attended RCCC on a Sunday so it wasn’t too crazy packed, b...[Read More]

Saboten 15: Review And Image Gallery

Saboten Con is an American anime convention held in Phoenix, Arizona and organized by Monkey Paw Entertainment. The convention is held on Labor Day weekend and lasts for 4 days (Fri-Mon). It is currently hosted at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix. Saboten Con is the largest anime convention in Arizona with attendance reaching 5,137 for the 2014 event. via Ahhh Saboten. The convention a...[Read More]

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