Trolls, Sex Appeal, and Twitch: Was Sky Right?

Trolls, Sex Appeal, and Twitch: Was Sky Right? For those unfamiliar with what is, it’s a website where gamers broadcast their gameplay, with or with out a webcam, for the enjoyment of others. Looking at these words on a page, we can see that Twitch seems pretty harmless. You go and browse for interesting games and watch others play them whether it’s to learn how to become bet...[Read More]

Interview: Vine – Mackenzie Becket

  Interview: Vine – Mackenzie Becket  I’ll fully admit that I am actually very new to the more recent social media outlets like Periscope, Vine, and others. I suppose it’s because I’m so focused on gaming specific outlets such as Twitch that I hardly pay attention to them. However, recently I’ve downloaded all the apps(Mainly to continue stalking Game Grumps) and...[Read More]

Twitch: Streamer receives $12,000 in donations

Twitch: Streamer receives $12,000 in donations Many of us geeks out there look to top streamers and wonder just how profitable they are. Well, recently released a video showing just how much money in donations a popular Twitch Streamer, lolRenaynay, receives by recording her stream for an extended period of time and adding the amount. If their math is correct, she received $12,000 ...[Read More]

Behind the computer screen with Draskia

A long, long time ago in a galax- rather, a high school not so far away. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady. Not only was she very sweet and kind, but she was overflowing with talent. Like a Pokemon gaining levels, her talent grows with every passing year. From being a Mother by day to a streamer on Twitch by night she does it all, like an geeky superhero. Between gaming and creating b...[Read More]

Twitch’s code of conduct angers streamers

Recently made an update to their Code of Conduct: Dress…appropriately Nerds are sexy, and you’re all magnificent, beautiful creatures, but let’s try and keep this about the games, shall we? Wearing no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing – including lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments – will most likely get you reported by the community, as w...[Read More]

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