Foreign horror films that you should see!

Hello everyone! Instead of a movie review this week I’ve gone ahead and created my very own list of my absolute favorite foreign horror films. Now, I am a HUGE fraidy-cat, but I do love me a good scary movie. I’ve collected for you my ultimate list of foreign horror films that are sure to delight horror fans and scream queens alike!

Movie Review: The Boxtrolls

*Bran Stark as Eggs, the only child alive with enviable Stockholm Syndrome* Hello everyone! This week’s review is Laika Studio’s stop motion animated feature The Boxtrolls. Stop motion animation is one of my absolute all-time favorite film mediums so I was super jazzed to see The Boxtrolls. Plus who doesn’t want to see a movie with Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) and Ben Kingsley as some of th...[Read More]

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