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Heartless Aquarius Takes on RTX Austin 2018

Hey everyone, Heartless here! I’m excited to tell you guys about a new convention, well, new to me. I went to a whole new state to check out Rooster Teeth Expo aka RTX. What is Rooster Teeth Expo? Rooster Teeth Expo, commonly referred as RTX, is a convention started by the entertainment company Rooster Teeth that focuses on their series, products, gaming, and more. RTX occurs in Austin, Texas, Lon...[Read More]

Heartless Aquarius Takes on Sabaku Con 2018

Hey guys! Heartless Aquarius here and I have a new anime convention to tell y’all about. I went to New Mexico for the first time to visit Sabaku Con. It’s another convention by Monkey Paw Entertainment, who also run many Arizona anime conventions such as Saboten Con, Con-Nichwa, and more. Location Sabaku Con was held in the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North hotel. The building itself is gor...[Read More]

Peach Girl Photography Tackles LVL UP EXPO

Peach Girl Photography here and I got to attend LVL UP EXPO which is a gaming and anime convention based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year it was held May 4-6th at the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention center. LVL UP had a great guest lineup, and diverse panels scheduled for a promising weekend! The vendor hall of LVL UP EXPO opened up into a large space with fantastic vendors and artists alike...[Read More]

The Geek Lyfe Takes On Emerald City Comic Con!

Hey guys, Tidesiren here! After years of waiting and trying to plan to attend Emerald City Comic Con, I finally got to go to this event and represent The Geek Lyfe with Deegan Marie Photography! This means a lot to the team as a whole because every year we have applied as press and have been denied until 2018! We are so proud of our progress and so grateful to ECCC for granting us passes! Emerald ...[Read More]

Wild Wild West Con is a Must for Arizona Geeks!(Review)

When you think of conventions, you can imagine florescent lights, hard concrete floors, a stale taste in the air and more. However, there is a convention that exists and is the exact opposite of the norm. It is Wild Wild West Con that takes place in Old Tucson, and a majority of the convention takes place outdoors on the lot of what was once old movie sets. The weather is cool, the skies are blue,...[Read More]

Anime Los Angeles Continues To Be Our Favorite Convention!

With all the conventions we have experienced, from Anime Expo to Blizzcon, we have had a ton of fantastic journeys. However, there is one convention that really just knocks it out of the park every single year. No, it isn’t San Diego Comic Con with it’s immense crowds, announcements, and more. No, it isn’t our own Phoenix Comicon, or rather Phoenix Comic Fest now. It is a humble ...[Read More]

Ace Comic Con: Did It Live Up to the Hype?

Ace Comic Con: Did It Live Up to the Hype? By Deegan Marie It’s that time of year where conventions are back in full swing! This year Arizona has a new convention in the scene by the name of  Ace Comic Con. When Ace Comic Con was announced, it seemed too good to be true. Why? They announced an incredible celebrity guest line up of Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Stan Lee and many more. You can imagine o...[Read More]

LOVEBITES Interview at Hyper Japan

LOVEBITES Interview Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2017 Hey! Cobalt here, back with the first ever interview I conducted! Many thanks to Geek Lyfe I was able to interview LoveBites back at the end of 2017, at the Christmas Market of Hyper Japan. The girls Asami (Lead Singer), Miho (Leader and Bassist), Haruna (Drummer), Mi-Ya (Guitar and Keyboard) and Midori (Guitarist) and I sat down for a chat! Lo...[Read More]

You Do Not Want To Miss Sumuji Cafe At Taiyou Con!

You Do Not Want To Miss Sumuji Cafe At Taiyou Con! This weekend a wonderful convention by the name of Taiyou Con is taking place at the Mesa Convention Center! the event will focus on the fandom of anime, manga, and cosplay! While there will be a number of incredible events happening, one of those events is held by the Sumuji Cafe! Sumuji Cafe is a maid cafe that is managed by our dear friend Mich...[Read More]

Cobalt at Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2017

Cobalt at Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2017 Hey everyone! Cobalt here! This years Christmas market at Hyper Japan was an amazing convention, and despite not feeling majorly festive, it lived up to be what I think could be the best Hyper Japans to date. Attending on the Saturday (both sessions, as Saturday is a long day it is split into a morning and afternoon session, to give vendors a break and t...[Read More]

Heartless Aquarius Takes On Daku Con 2017

Heartless Aquarius Takes On Daku Con 2017 Hello everyone! Long time no see! Heartless Aquarius here covering another convention. I got to travel out of the Arizona oven and visit Colorado’s Daku Con. Daku Con is a brand new convention and it was fun going to a first year of a convention. I was interested in this convention in particular because it was an 18+ convention, meaning that you could only...[Read More]

(Review) Fan Fest 2017 Was Humble But Fun!

(Review) Fan Fest 2017 Was Humble But Fun! I can recall years ago when Phoenix Comicon announced their sister convention, Fan Fest! It was held at the Cardinal’s Stadium and ran from Friday to Sunday. Although the event was small, it had heart, small businesses, and a great place to hang out with friends. Even as a small convention, it still had so much to offer. Every year since, the event ...[Read More]

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